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Welcome to Judson's Guitar Review



Judson's Alvarez 12 string is for sale...find information about it on the Alvarez page! You can submit an offer to him via email .

Also, don't forget about the new guy I met. His name is Chris Jones, out of Beaufort, SC. His fingerstyle technique has been compared to Chet Atkins and Doyle Dykes. Check out his site for his list of upcoming shows!!

Chris Jones, Acoustic Acrobat

If you like Christian Music, check out Glenn Green...he is a musician from Texas who really has a lot to share!!!

Glenn Green Music


Judson Merrell is no stranger to music. He grew up in a musical family, starting piano at the age of 5. He continued with that, Trumpet in school, and then took up guitar. Having played guitar for several years now, Judson thought it would be fitting to rate some of the good and not so good guitars that he has tried. Judson currently owns and plays a Martin DC-16RGTE Custom, an Alvarez 5054 12 string, an Alvarez AF60CK, and also has an Alvarez Mandolin and a banjo that he is known to pull out and pick and grin with. By far his favorite guitar is his "baby", the C.F. Martin D-16. Compared with other Martin Guitars, it can really hold its own. Find out more about this guitar and others by checking out the reviews on the left.


Although Judson has several guitars, he does not own, nor has played, them all. If you would like to see a review of a particular guitar on this website, please let Judson know. He will either post a review that you write or will test the guitar himself. Currently, he reviews Martin, Taylor, Gibson, and Alvarez. The guitars that he has reviewed on this site are all guitars that he has either played or owned. The pedalboard along with pedals and amps are also ones that he has owned or used. He is always open to playing other guitars or testing them out (or buying them for that matter :) ) If you have a custom guitar please feel free to submit a review. He would love to post it on his site, and will be happy to make it its own page. Your email and name will be kept private, with only the webmaster knowing it. We will not sell or distribute your email in any way. Judson would love to review every new(2006) Martin, Taylor, Gibson, and Alvarez guitar out there, but it is just not possible. This is why your help is needed. Please submit any info you have through email. Thanks.


Thanks for stopping by. If you have any questions, please email me.





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First of all, Martin has alot of new special guitars out. This includes the OMC Fingerstyle I, and also the new MIA/POW guitar. If I have the chance, I will try to get my hands on these and post a review here on the website. Also, please visit my new sponsors:

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Now that my site has been up for a while...I would like to annouce some new stuff!!! First of all, make sure you check out the new links and affliates. The first being Jonathan Coulton. Jonathan is an excellent guitar player and awesome composer. Go to his website and check out his version of Baby Got Back. You will hear nothing better. Along with the addition of Jonathan Coulton's Website, there is a link to Jason Marcum's Website. Jason Marcum is a professional guitarist from the Charlotte, NC area who is playing in and around Charlotte, Columbia, SC, and everywhere in between. He has a mellow acoustic sound that rocks when a full band is behind him. There is also a new review of the Taylor 710 guitar. Please check all this new stuff out!!! Thanks.




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